Daniel Warren Mutschler

Daniel Warren Mutschler is dedicated to helping leaders grow, lead, and succeed. He teaches Core Identity Change enabling any person to achieve Self-Actualization. Once his students become self-actualized they begin to succeed in leadership and wealth.


However, his life wasn’t always like this.

Daniel began life with “high aspirations” of becoming a vending machine repair man. He practically flunked from high school. Upon entering the world, he floundered and was lost. He struggled with laziness and a lack of purpose. As his situation couldn’t be more hopeless, a spark was lit. A spark of curiosity. Daniel began to appreciate self-determination, meditation, and achievement.  He began learning topics on his own, but desired to learn more and enrolled at the community college. 


Daniel knew if he was going to succeed he had to change old habits that lead him no where. He began to modify his behavior and attitudes. And as a result, for the first time ever, he did well academically. By pushing himself, he built up momentum and transferred to a local university. He became heavily involved in extra-curricular activities, leading two student organizations, served as a member of student senate and assisted two professors in their scientific research.  Graduating top of his class, he earned a double major bachelors degree in Psychology and Philosophy. He went on to law school, passed the bar in two states, and practiced as an attorney.


A few years into his legal practice he began to yearn for more. He yearned for a deeper understanding of himself, and humanity as a whole.  He became fascinated with the religions of the world and spent time studying each of them along with other obscure and rare books. Daniel has been to 80 faith centers (places of worship) and documented his journey.  He has lived in places like Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Las Angeles, Miami, and spent a month deep in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. He also makes conceptual art regularly. Some of the art he creates becomes integrated into the Full Metal Intensive Leadership Seminar. He has realized that conveying insight in visual form can be very powerful.


He now teaches the potent techniques that helped him get up from rock bottom and fully actualize and the wisdom obtained from rare books. The Full Metal Intensive Leadership Seminar seeks to engage all the senses using audio narration, music, conceptual art and one-on-one sessions. This immersive seminar develops positive beliefs and rebuilds peoples inner core, and generates personal motivation so the student can take action in their own lives. Upon completing the Full Metal Intensive, the student is then ready to Grow and Lead Rich. A fully actualized leader revitalized from the Full Metal Intensive engages the world with their heart, their expression, their perception, and their mind.