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Daniel Warren Mutschler

213 North Glendale Ave. #1008
Glendale CA 91206

Phone: (818) 724-4606


Daniel Warren Mutschler helps business owners and individuals accelerate their growth.


Daniel’s life-changing growth formula has helped him achieve his wildest goals.   


Now he helps others by applying the same growth formula that allowed him to go from flunk, to success.


However, his life wasn’t always like this.

Daniel began life with a recommended career: Vending Machine Repair.

He practically flunked from high school. 

He struggled with laziness and a lack of purpose. In some ways, he was procrastinating his whole life. He wasted most days either working at a minimum wage job or doing nothing. 

As his situation couldn’t be more hopeless, something incredible happened.

He began to grow. 

Daniel began to appreciate self-determination, meditation, and achievement. Even though he was starting late, he enrolled at a small community college. 

Daniel knew if he was going to succeed he had to change old habits. He began modifying his Behavior and Attitudes by starting small. He only took 2 classes his first quarter at the community college. By starting small he was able to, for the first time ever, complete the courses successfully. Each year he would build on previous progress and add more classes to his schedule. 

By pushing himself, he built up momentum and transferred to a local university. He became heavily involved in extra-curricular activities, he lead two student organizations, volunteered at a senior center, served as a member of student senate and assisted two professors in their scientific research… All while taking a full course load!

Studying psychology and philosophy, he graduated top of his class. A complete turnaround from High School! 

He went on to law school, passed the bar in two states, and practiced as an attorney.

A few years into his legal practice he became curious. Where else could he apply his formula for growth? What other aspects of himself could he grow? Can other people accelerate their growth with this formula?

He yearned for a deeper understanding of himself, and humanity as a whole.  He became fascinated with the religions of the world and spent time studying each of them. Daniel is an ordained minister since 2010. He has attended service at 80 faith centers (places of worship) and recorded his journey on youtube. 

He has lived in places like Seattle, San Francisco, Oregon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, and spent a month deep in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

He applied his accelerated growth formula to become an artist. He makes conceptual art regularly.  Some of the art he creates becomes integrated into the Full Metal Foundations: Transformational Seminar. Conveying insight in visual form accelerates growth. 

He applied his accelerated growth formula to become an author. You can obtain a free copy of his book, Guidebook for Accelerated Growth, by clicking HERE.

He applied his formula for accelerated growth to launch businesses, become an investor, become a marketer, become a website designer, lose 30 pounds, and become a leadership coach.

He applied his formula for accelerated growth to develop an incredible 90-day Seminar. Solid growth takes place over a length of time. The Full Metal Foundations: Transformational Seminar includes hours upon hours of audio, daily conceptual insight, weekly personal attention and creates foundations for fantastic leadership and accelerated growth.

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